Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Reduce The File Size of a Presentation?

Sometimes we feel very disturbed by the file size of Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation that is very large. Probably not a problem when we want to display it to the LCD Projector, but it would be a problem if we have to send them by email or upload it to a blog or website. Sending or uploading it will require more time and throw away your precious time. Not to mention, people wanted to download it will experience the same problem.

The file size of a presentation is generally determined by the number of images we add in it. And without a picture, our presentation will become unattractive.


One powerful feature to cope this problem is by using Compress Pictures menu in Microsoft Office PowePoint 2007. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click on an image that we add to the PowerPoint. It will open the Format menu on the ribbon

  2. Click Compress Pictures. On window that appears, click Options

  3. There are several choices of target outputs, select E-Mail if you want to send the presentation file by email, then click OK

  4. Do the same on each image on that presentation
  5. Save As your presentation. You will see that a change in file size is quite significant, can be smaller up to 75%. 
Try It!!!

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